Why Join the UACC?

As with all collectibles, there are things of which the new collector should be aware. Unscrupulous individuals have been known to take advantage of new collectors by offering them supposedly great deals on rare and desirable autographs at bargain prices.

Some of the best reasons to join us are:

• The UACC publishes the Pen & Quill, an award winning digital publication that is sent to our members with articles and news in the field of autograph collecting.

• The UACC holds educational classes throughout the world on all phases of collecting including preservation and identification of forgeries.

• The UACC sponsors service awards for the membership.

• The UACC has a Code of Ethical Standards and By-Laws that each member is required to abide and an aggressive Ethics Board to mediate disputes and uphold the club's high standards.
Once you join the UACC your name will be added to our mailing list and you will receive auction catalogs from various reputable dealers from around the globe.

• The UACC also keeps you posted on forgeries, rubber-stamped signatures, secretarial signatures, Autopens and facsimiles.

• Once you send in your membership application, it takes a few weeks to add you to our database and depending on when you join you will receive a copy of our journal The Pen & Quill along with a membership card if you request.

You can as a member contact the UACC staff via email with questions concerning dealers, authentication or what ever you may need.We will do our best to help you.

• Remember, all the people who work for the UACC do so as volunteers. Please be patient and considerate when contacting them with your requests.

Should you have any questions, go to our contact page and find the most appropriate person to email.

Become a UACC Member Today!

For security reasons we now have two ways for you to pay for your membership:


Click here to download our Membership application, print it out, fill it in and send it with your check or credit card authorization form to:


P.O. Box 1392

Mount Dora, FL 32756


UACC Store

Click on the appropriate link below.

Membership ($29.00). Please click below:

Dealer Membership "Renewal Fee" $50.00
Please click below:

Attention- These dues are for established UACC registered Dealers ONLY. For more information on how to become a dealer, please contact al@uacc.org.

Note: UACC Dues are NOT refundable.

Common Membership Questions

“How to change your UACC address?”

Simply notify the UACC Secretary of your address change. Click here

“How to pay your dues?”

Dues can be paid in a number of ways. We accept PayPal (aw@uacc.info) Visa, MasterCard thru PayPal and checks sent to: UACC, P.O. Box 1392, Mount Dora, FL 32756

“How to tell if we have received your dues?”

You can email the secretary  Click here.

“What to do if you are having trouble with Pay pal?”

Contact UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert at al@uacc.org.