The Universal Autograph Collector's Club, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the autograph collector. Founded in 1965 by a Long Island group of collectors, the UACC has grown and developed into one of the premier collector's orgainzations in the world. This website illustrates the UACC's commitment to educating the collector as well introducing the hobby to those who may have an interest. UACC members not only enjoy the fellowship of other collectors, but can share their experiences in the club's official award winning journal The Pen and Quill, which each member receives four times a year. Joining the UACC is easy, just click the Membership link at the top and you are on your way.

Mike HechtWelcome to the UACC Website
UACC President Michael Hecht would like to welcome you to the Universal Autograph Collectors Club's website. The UACC is a non-profit Educational Club which helps the autograph collector with their collecting needs. We hope you will join us and become a member of our organization by going to our membership icon. Join the fun of being a curator of history. See Michael's monthly message.


One of the questions we receive all the time is what is the difference between UACC members and UACC Dealers? Simply put any collector can join the UACC but they are not recognized by us to sell autographs. Those companies in the UACC Registered Dealer program have submitted an extensive application along with written references to become a one of our approved dealers. UACC policy is to recommend only these dealers to inquiries from collectors. These approved dealers are found on our website with all contact details and are continuously being monitored by our staff. They are also the only ones allowed to use of our logo in their advertising. Please contact us before you buy from someone claiming membership. 

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The UACC would like to pay tribute to its founder Harold Rapp. Harold and small group of collectors from Long Island, New York got together and formed the UACC in 1964. At that time dues were $3.00 and included a typed or mimeographed 2 page Pen & Quill. There goal was simple. Fellowship of collectors. Back then the number of Autograph Dealers world wide could be counted on one hand. How things have changed.

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