The Universal Autograph Collector's Club, Inc. is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the autograph collector. Founded in 1965 by a Long Island group of collectors, the UACC has grown and developed into one of the premier collector's organization in the world. This website illustrates the UACC's commitment to educating the collector as well introducing the hobby to those who may have an interest. UACC members not only enjoy the fellowship of other collectors, but can share their experiences in the club's official award winning journal The Pen and Quill, which each member receive throughout the year. Joining the UACC is easy, just click the Membership link at the top and you are on your way. Pick the membership category that fits your needs.

The UACC has been serving the collector since 1965. It is the largest autograph organization in the world with members in over 20 different countries. We provide education to our members using our website, journal, classes and publications.

By joining the UACC, you will be introduced to the fastest growing hobby in the world today. Autographs have been called frozen moments in time and probably the most personal thing that a person can give another. When you collect autographs you become a curator of your own museum archives of history.
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Over the last few years there has been much discussion on the internet regarding feuding autograph dealers, professional authenticators and collectors. Some of these have resulted in lawsuits and a proliferation of libelous statements left for all to see on the web. It gives the impression that there is a major rift within the autograph community. We can tell you that in our opinion this rift is only 1% of the entire autograph population.

The UACC has done its best to stay out of the fray. We are an educational organization. We are NOT the police or a platform for those with poisonous views to attack their competitors. We teach and exchange ideas about a hobby we all hold dear.

The disenfranchised will always be with us, they will taunt us, and libel us but as a club we will NOT allow them to beat us.