In Remembrance of Michael Hecht

Our President, Our Mentor & Our Friend,

It is with great sadness that the UACC announces that our President Michael Hecht passed away on November 15th after a long illness. Surrounded by loved ones Michael passed under the watchful eye of a Hospice Nurse.

Michael served the UACC in various capacities since 1980. Always the gentleman and the voice of reason even with baseless and scurrilous attacks on his person that were brought against him early in his term as president. No one ever saw him become upset or rattled. Michael was a pure collector and had tastes that for the most part eclectic. He had the best laugh and personality anyone has ever seen and made you feel at ease when talking with him. His affiliations were diverse and his friends are too numerous to count. He will be missed by the many lives he touched.

The members of the UACC give thanks for his service to the collector and wish his family our good thoughts for a great man.