• Can I Use The UACC Logo?
  • What are the advantages buying from a UACC dealer over a non-UACC approved dealer?
  • How do I know I have an authentic autograph?
  • If I have a problem with a dealer, can you help?


 “Can I Use The UACC Logo?”

Use of the UACC’s logo is limited to those members of the UACC Registered Dealer program. Other members wishing to use our logo must secure written permission from the UACC Board of Directors. This applies to any and all UACC trademarked and copyrighted material as well.  Violation of our copyright is a federal crime and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“What are the advantages buying from a UACC dealer over a non-UACC approved dealer?”

UACC Registered Dealers are vetted and monitored by the UACC to assure they are doing business in an honorable fashion. To be a UACC registered Dealer requires references and experience as well as providing the UACC pertinent information regarding their business.

The UACC often receives e-mails from potential buyers of items from UACC members. To avoid confusion the UACC has made it a policy that we ONLY recommend purchasing from a UACC Registered Dealer listed on our website. The only exceptions are those individuals who have received written permission to use our name and or logo.

This is not correct! Anyone can become a UACC member simply by applying and paying their annual fees. A UACC member who is selling items may not use the UACC logo and do not necessarily adhere to the same rules as “Registered Dealers.” Some of the emails ask whether a particular seller is a “valid UACC member.” While we are happy to answer these inquiries...this still is no guarantee of authenticity. An autographed item may be authentic whether the seller is a current UACC member, a past UACC member, or has no association whatsoever.


“How do I know I have an authentic autograph?”

A simple way to see if your autograph is real or not is to look it over carefully. If the item appears to be a form letter or promotional photo, chances are it is not real. If you picked the item up on an on-line auction from an un-credentialed seller, chances are good the item is not genuine. Without expertise and experience detecting forgeries is hard as are autopen patterns and stamped signatures. The UACC website and Pen & Quill help educate the collector and teach them what to look for in each autograph.

“How to sell your autographs?”

Selling autographs comes down to finding the right buyer and knowing what the value of the item(s) you have is worth. If you have a quantity of autographed material we advise you contact an appraiser who specializes in autographs and will provide a USPAP approved appraisal. When you have that information you can either sell through an auction house or sell to a dealer. Auctions take a percentage of the sale of your item and may or may not bring appraised value depending on the interest of the buyers. Or you may receive considerable more than appraised value again depending on the buyers.
Selling to dealers usually means you sell for half the appraised value. Some will pay less and some will pay more depending if they have a buyer for the item(s).

“If I have a problem with a dealer, can you help?”

We can help if the dealer is a UACC Registered Autograph Dealer. If not we can advise you as to what action you can take legally.



“What is the Pen & Quill?”

The Pen & Quill is the UACC’s Newsletter. It provides information to both members and non-members regarding the club and its activities as well as useful information regarding autograph collecting.

“How often does the Pen & Quill come out?

The Pen & Quill is published four times a year and is mailed to members without internet access or who wish a hardcopy rather than seeing it on the website.


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