The UACC has over the years come across certain companies and individuals selling autographs that we feel should be avoided.

UACC Resolution #37 - Censure of UACC Director Stephen Koschal

The UACC Executive Board members Erickson, Carr, Wertman, Wittnebert, Bardwell, Deeley and Hensel have voted unanimously to censure UACC Director Stephen Koschal for the following actions:

A. Nine separate counts of abuse of position.

1. Koschal vs. Axelrod Ethics case. Mr. Koschal did purposely use his position to pressure the UACC Ethics Board and UACC Board of Directors to expel Todd Axelrod from the UACC without the benefit of due process.
2. Koschal vs. Erickson Ethics case. Mr. Koschal unfairly accused UACC President Bob Erickson of being in collusion with Herman Darvick and delaying his expulsion from the UACC. In a letter sent to the UACC Ethics Board dated March 29, 1997, Mr. Koschal has distorted the facts of the case and its outcome as well as lodging untrue, unsupported and libelous statements regarding UACC President Bob Erickson.
3. Letter to UACC President Erickson dated April 9, 1997 which Mr. Koschal made unfounded accusations regarding UACC policies made in compliance with UACC Resolution #36, dated May 18th, 1996 as well as the UACC Constitution Article 3 Section 5. It should be noted that Mr. Koschal voted for Resolution #36.
4. Mr. Koschal printed and distributed a UACC flyer for a UACC sponsored show which contained campaign literature. Also using a UACC show for a political campaign.
5. Mr. Koschal has made several attempts to access the UACC archives, particularly the Officer's Expense Reports. Mr. Koschal will not give reasons for the requests which indicate strongly that he wants to discredit members of the Executive Board with unfounded allegations.
6. In a letter dated April 1, 1997, Mr. Koschal sent a harsh letter to UACC treasurer Al Wittnebert, accusing him of abusing one of the club's members. Mr. Wittnebert was in fact asked by the Ethics Board to notify a number of dealers using the UACC name that were not members, of UACC Resolution #35, which again Mr. Koschal voted for.
7. Mr. Koschal has used his positions in both the UACC and the Gold Coast Autograph Club (a UACC Chapter) to level personal, unsupported and libelous attacks at UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert.
8. In a letter sent to UACC member John Reid of Australia dated May 7, 1997, Mr. Koschal responds to a members problem with a letter that includes issues that were not pertinent to the issue at hand and serve his personal political agenda.
9. Mr Koschal, in his position as Vice President of the Gold Coast Autograph Club, a UACC chapter, wrote and distributed a newsletter dated April 10, 1997 which libeled UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert with unsupported, and untrue allegations regarding the Gold Coast Autograph Club's treasury.
He also used this publication to attack UACC policies that he himself voted to be implemented via UACC Resolution #36, dated 5-18-96. He also distorted by omission the true facts of each of the policies to the membership to purposely gain support for his political agenda.
B. Two counts of dereliction of duty.

1. On February 9, 1997 at the UACC Houston show, UACC Regional Director Anthony Pizzatola had five potential UACC members that he wanted to discuss the club and ask questions about collecting and the UACC. This clearly was a job for the UACC Educational Director (Koschal) who was present but refused the assignment. This was witnessed by UACC President Bob Erickson, UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert and UACC Regional Director Anthony Pizzatola. UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert gave the talk in his place.

The UACC was giving an award to Mike & Kay Riley of 'Autographics' for their unselfish work on behalf of the UACC. Mr. Koschal refused to take part in the presentation, sighting his personal dislike for UACC President Bob Erickson.
C. One count of failing to perform his assigned duties.

1. The UACC has seen no plan nor any action to promote the UACC and educate the members except for a single seminar in Florida. no budget has been submitted nor has any work been done to the Educational Display or responsiblity taken to provide its shipment to various UACC functions. Mr. Koschal resigned his post as UACC Director of Education as of April 6th, 1997. UACC President Bob Erickson has, with Board approval, rejected the resignation unless it included resignation from the UACC Executive Board as well.

The UACC Executive Board finds all of these actions to not be in the best interest of the membership and should serve as a warning to Mr. Koschal that further indescretions like these could result in impeachment proceedings being brought against him.

UPDATE: On December 29th 1999 UACC Treasurer Al Wittnebert won a lawsuit against Steve Koschal in a settlement agreement. This settlement included a written apology to Mr. Wittnebert which was carried in;The Pen & Quill, Autograph Collector and the Autograph Times.

Companies and Individuals Falsely Claiming UACC Membership

Daniel J. Morris of New Zealand trading under happytobehere on TradeMe website October 2015.

Walls of Fame Bill & Ruth Smith Madeira Bch., Florida former RD023. Have not paid dues in 3 years and therefore were removed from database and no longer recommended by the UACC. This group sells the worst fake autographs we have ever seen on the web. They claim UACC membership when contacted.We can find no phone or address for this company which should be a red flag to all collectors. Again another company trying to sell you signed cast movie posters. When will they learn.

Rock N Roll Collectibles 4933 West Craig Rd. Las Vegas, NV 8913- These people advertise themselfs as UACC members using our logo on their COA's They are not now or have ever been members.

AB Inc. 4737 North Ocean Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308 Selling questionable material and using the UACC, Manuscript Society as references.

John Shellman dba movietowwnusa. 8823 Indian River Run Boyton Bch., FL 33412. - This person is selling questionable autographed Rock & Roll items on using the UACC's name as a reference.

Dave Davis ( - This individual is not a current member of the UACC. He has a history of listing his "collection for sale" on Craigslist among other online venues. The UACC has received several complaints regarding the authenticity of these items.
Stephen Millard (dba Autograph World) AUSTRALIA

John Aylward ( - P.O. Box 9, Maesteg, Cardiff, CF34 0XJ, UK.

Jodi Gray (dba Frontline Autos) - Ft. Worth, Texas. Website is

Kunihiko Tokuo - 302-14-3-201 Arisu Tsuchiura, Mariyamashinden Tsuchiurashi, Ibaragi, Japan 300-0838. Selling to Japan on Ebay as a Registered Dealer and also stating that he has COA's from a UACC Registered Dealer. The dealer that he states is no longer a Registered Dealer. He also sells on Yahoo.

Steve Gaddis - (dba barbgadd on Ebay) 5220 Twin Oak Drive, Woodstock, GA 30188

Joseph Ranoia (dba on Ebay) - Nottingham, PA.

Rookie King - 800 Industrial Hwy., Pottstown, Pa.19464

Barry Barnett - Gold Coast Sports, 1861 No. Federal Hwy. #286, Hollywood, FL 33020

John Stewart (dba Steward Autographs) - Wilson House, 631 Chelsea Tower Lane, Leyton, London, E10 7LA England. He also falsely claims to be a member of PADA.
Will Cussey (aka ZC Norris) dba in England.

MC Stevens dba

Kouichi Futamura - 4-25 Ochayashita Ogakiecho Kariyashi Aichi, Japan 448-0813. Email:

A-Z Galleries - selling on Ebay as 'framedforever'.

Philippa Motylins - selling on Ebay as 'Prosignings'. Email:

John Cage - selling on Ebay as 'star_city2004'. Email:

Prime Authentics - selling on Ebay as 'bshawww'. Last known address: 6160 Northwood, Whitelake, MI 48383. Name on Paypal Account: Alex Pachman. Name on Ebay Account: Brian Shaw.

Robert G. Kingston - selling on Ebay as 'boycesgallery'.

David DeLivio - selling on Ebay as 'worldofsportingsignatures'.

ABC Autographs - 8599 Wrenford Court, Macedonia, Ohio 44056. Phone: 330-908-7020. Email:

David Mackie - dba Autographs R Us, P.O. Box 3783, Lindenhurst , NY 11757, email: Website:

Luc Roque-Gomez - selling on Ebay as 'gomezroquel'. Email:

Yokohama Cinema Classic - on Yahoo Auctions under 'ycccinema'.
closed11 - on Ebay. Using UACC Registered Dealer Certificate on forged items.

Gregory Berquist - DBA 'Reels Autographs'. Website:



Expelled From The UACC

Matthew Barber using ebay ID UACC_Autographs  Expelled January 1st 2017 for violation of several UACC Policies and Code of Ethics. He is selling out of the UK and although the UACC complained to Ebay they were indifferant to our requests. As of 4/20/17 he is still selling bad material on ebay under his ID registered_official and still using our name on his email. Watch out for this little shit.

Autographs of the Stars Shopshire in the United Kingdom  W. Bott former Registered Dealer RD167 has been expelled from the UACC for failure to answer a complaint made by the UACC Ethics Board.11/1/14

R & G Autographs- 8Tor-y-Crug, Rassau, Ebbow Vale, Gwent in the United Kingdom was expelled for not responding to a complaint filed against them by a member. Failure to respond in any way is grounds for expulsion.10/1/14.

John Brett dba America's Memories & Cards n Stars- 458 Fisherman Rd. Pottsboro, Tx 75076. Resigned as a UACC Registered Dealer 05/19/13 during an Ethics Investigation. When he was sent specific directions by the UACC to refund a customer, he resigned rather than following rules he agreed to when joining the UACC.

AACS Registered Dealer RD208 - Expelled 02/11/12 for numerous violations of the UACC Policies and Code of Ethics.

Sam FJ Hall - 10/2/11 Premier Autographs in England. Violation of PP 301.6 Selling non-authentic autographs.

Ali Kesh - 10/20/10 Last known address: 78 Lindsay Drive, Kenton, Harrow, HA3 OTL London, England.

Roy C. Johnson - 7/12/10 Last known address: PO Box 1073, Bethany, OK 73008

Michael J. Lamont - 5/1/99 Last known address: 311 Harding Road, Apt. D-108, Warwick, RI 02886

William Linehan - July 14, 1998. Convicted of cutting up old books from the public library and forging autographs.

David Murphy - June 9, 1998 Last known address: New England Autographs, 304 Newbury Street, #401, Boston, MA 02115

Robert Passamenti - dba Monte Gallery, 560 Main Street #2A, Islip, NY 11751. Violation of PP301.6 selling non-genuine autographs 2/10/98.

David Warheit - Last known address: 1830 Chestnut Street, Livermore, CA 94550 4/10/98

Randolph Toney - dba on Ebay as Autographhaven, Signaposter, Boxofficehits, Vitothedon, fundafilm and Entertains. 861 Redwing Drive, Canal Fulton, OH 44614. Beware of COA's issued by 42nd Street as they are issued by Mr. Toney. This person is doing everything that he can to avoid detection, so proceed with extreme caution.4/10/98

Autograph-Central - dba Bryan Slaven / dba Tina Reany.5/1/98. On Ebay, they are, signshop728, and Expelled for violation of UACC policy 301.6, selling questionably authentic autographs. Mr. Slaven is now using the company name of Hollywood Memorabilia. (This is a different company from, which is run by the very reputable Gary X. Price)

Wayne Meyer - 250 Tequesta Dr., Suite 202, Tequesta, FL. 33469. Doing business on Ebay as meyerco.4/18/97

Dean Lemon - Last known address: PO Box 331, Herndon, PA. Expelled for failure to pay for autographs.4/18/97

Roger Furr - Last known address: POB 533, Stanley, NC 28164. Expelled for ignoring certified mail requesting answers from Ethics Board.4/18/97

Leonard Schwab - Last known address: 11208 Yardley Place, Jamsville, MD 21754.4/19/97

Scott Schuman - dba on Ebay as Customautographs, autographs4sell and autographs-and-more. Violation of PP301.6.4/19/97

Vincent A. DiDonato - Last known address: 1815 Hulseman Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145. Email:

Michael Ormsby - Last known address: 156 Broadway Chippendale, Sydney, Australia. dba on Ebay as moviemodels and movie_models_and_military_miniatures. Email:

William Decker - Last known address: 206 C. Manchester Dr. Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920. Expelled for violating UACC Constitution Article I Section 2a and UACC Code of Ethics Article 15.

Jeff Lee
- dba on Ebay as memor1es and possibly as origina1s. Email address:

Greg Anderson - Last known address: 12816 Shore Street, Leavenworth, WA 98826-9372.

Garrett Chan - Last known address: 3834 Keanu Street, Honolulu, HI 96816. Expelled for violating UACC Policy 301.6, Selling non-authentic material via the internet. 1/2/97

Mike Segall - dba on Ebay as Simmy61. Email: Expelled for violating UACC Policy 301.6, Selling non-authentic material via the internet. 1/2/98

Andrew Burresci, Inc. - Expelled from the Registered Dealer program for unprofessional behavior.3/3/95.

Irene Sorokos - Last known address: P.O. Box 547, Cayuga, Ontario N0A 1E0 Canada. dba on Ebay as memorabilia_market and UACC_COA. Email: Expelled for violating Resolution 35. 2/12/95.

Graeme Walker - Sporting Icons. Last Known Address: 29 Watergate Row, Chester CH1 2LE United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 1244 40156. Email: Website: 2/1/94

Mike Munns from Centennial, CO RD212 Expelled August 20,2018 fro selling non-authentic autographs and not honoring refunds from these sales.

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