How can I get an autograph appraised?

Autograph Appraisals are a specialty that not everyone can do to the satisfaction of insurance companies, banks or court rooms.

Appraisers have been well credentialed in both their knowledge of autographs and abide by a number of standards required in the reports they write. They also need a firm grasp of the market and what the true value of these collectibles is under certain conditions. These conditions are dependent on customer needs and vary. A good appraiser is one who will state up front that he or she will have no interest purchasing the items they appraise for it is a very obvious conflict of interest.

What are the differant kinds of appraisals?

  • Insurance Replacement Value: This appraisal provides a value equal to what it would cost to replace an existing item in your collection or inventory. Retail Value.
  • Fair Market Value: This appraisal provides a value as to what the specific item or items would sell for at a well publicized auction.
  • Liquidation Value: This appraisal usually used in Barkrupsy action is the price the item would bring at a quick sale.

What is the cost of doing an Autograph Appraisal?

Cost is dependant on the time it takes to examine the items as well as travel expenses and such. Most appraisers will send you a contract of services which will cover everything they will do and their rates.

Is an appraisal the same as authentication?

No. One is assessing a value of an item and the other is rendering an opinion as to the item's genuineness. These are two completely different services.


With the increase of Autograph Authentication by third parties on the rise the UACC's Board of Directors has issued the following policy:

"The UACC does not recognize third party authentication certificates not done to professional standards approved by the courts".

Court approved standard is that which uses chain of evidence. This eliminates so-called quick authentications done without proper research and the supporting data.

Our criteria for accepting autograph authenticators is:

  • Proven experience and knowledge of autographs.
  • The ability to articulate this knowledge in to a report accepted by the court approved chain of evidence format.
  • Be approved as an expert witness by a judge or other recognized authority.
  • Show a desire and proof of ongoing education in this field or publication of a scholarly work or works.



has been a member of the UACC for over 40 years, as well as a former member of the prestigious International Society of Appraisers and the Manuscript Society. Click to read more!

Mr. Wittnebert has a huge reference library of over 200 books on autographs as well as a large personal file of exemplars. He has written over 20 signature studies and over 100 articles on autographs as well as several books on the subject. Several judges have approved Mr. Wittnebert as an expert in the autograph field. And a number of insurance companies and institutions have used Mr. Witnebert as an appraiser. Currently working for The Department of Homeland Security for collectible acquistions. He is a UACC approved Authenticator and Appraiser in Popular Cultural figures of the 20th century. Contact him at his website at or Phone: 352.383.1958 Email


has been a member of the UACC and Manuscript Society for over 20 years, as well as a member of the State of California Bar. Mr. Palazzo has a reference library of over a 5,000 books. Click to read more!

He is the author of several books dealing with the American West. Several judges have already approved Mr. Palazzo as an expert in autograph authenticity. He is a UACC approved authenticator in the area of Western Americana.
Phone: 805.777.7223 .

JOHN REZNIKOFF, has been a member of the UACC and Manuscript Society for over 15 years. He is also a member of the N.E.S.A. Mr. Reznikoff has a reference library of over 10,000 books and catalogs on autograph collecting. He has written several studies on autographs. Several judges have already approved Mr. Reznikoff as an expert in autograph authencity. Insurance companies and institution have use Mr. Reznikoff to appraise autographs. He is a UACC approved authenticator and appraiser in the area of Famous Figures (excluding sports and entertainment).
Phone: 203.454.0111    

KEVIN M KEATING, has been a member of the UACC and Manuscript Society for 15 years.Mr. Keating has a reference library of over a 1,000 books and files on autograph examples. He is the author of" The Negro Leagues Autograph Guide". He has provided authentication and appraising services for many government institutions. He is a UACC approved authenticator and appraiser in American Sports.
Phone: 800.241.4809 

PAUL K CARR, has been a member of the UACC for over 30 years. Mr. Carr has a reference library of over 100 reference works. He is the author of "The Eisenhower File" and contributed over a dozen articles of modern President Signatures. He has provided hundreds of people with help in Presidential autographs. He is a UACC approved authenticator in American Presidents.
Phone: 302.954.8205 

J.D. BARDWELL, has been a member of the UACC member for 20 years. Mr. Bardwell has a reference library of over 30 books on autograph collecting, as well as a personal facsimile library of over 50,000 signatures, and records of over 300,000 sells. He is the author of JD Bardwell's In Person Facsimile Guide. He has been authenticator for E-bay. Mr. Bardwell is UACC Registered Dealer #RD001, founder of the Registered Dealer program and owner of He is a UACC approved authenticator and appraiser in the field of contemporary autographs.
Phone: 603.749.9461 

BOB JONES, has been a member of the UACC for 20 years. He has a reference library of over 30 books. He is the co-author of JD Bardwell's Facsimile Guide. In addition to these books he has 50,000 signatures and records of over 300,000 sells. Mr. Jones is UACC Registered Dealer #RD002 and owner of He is a UACC approved authenticator and appraiser in the field of contemporary autographs.
Phone: 603.749.9461 

JACK BACON, has been a member of the UACC for over 10 years, a member of the Manuscript Society for over 30 years and a member Roxburghe Club. He was mentored in autograph by the great Doris Harris. In addition, he is a candidate for International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Mr. Bacon has a reference library of over 500 books. He has written on collecting Women Autographs. Mr. Bacon has appraiser estates for City of Reno, Nevada Historical Society and private individuals. He was a consultant for Pacific Book Auctions for over 10 years, and is now a director. He is a UACC approved appraiser in Presidential and American Historical Autographs.
Phone: 775.322.1901        

STUART K LUTZ, Stuart Lutz is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA), certified in the field of Books and Manuscripts: Historic Documents.  He is USPAP-compliant and is qualified to perform estate, donation and insurance appraisals.  He has written and lectured extensively on appraisal topics, including the article “Can I Deduct That?” and a giving a class for the AAA on manuscript appraisals.  Lutz is a member of the Chubb Preferred Service Provider Network for appraisals and he is also trained for expert witness work.  He is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, the Professional Autograph Dealers Association, the UACC and the Manuscript Society.  He has been in the field for almost thirty years, he authored the first Bill Clinton handwriting study and he can frequently be see on the History Channel hit show Pawn Stars authenticating historic documents and letters.  Lutz can be emailed at HistoryDocs (at) or called at toll free at 1 (877) 428-9362.  His website is

BRIAN KATHENES ISA, CAA A Specialist Certified Appraiser of Autographs, Manuscripts and Historical Documents. Mr. Kathenes is the Managing Partner of National Appraisal Consultants, a firm specializing in personal property appraisal consulting, appraisal theory, and litigation support. He is also the host of Value This! with Brian and Leon, a weekly Public Radio call-in collectibles talk show. And the co-author of: Betcha Didn't Know That! -- 101 Antique and Collectible Trivia Tips That Could Make You Rich, Famous and the Hit of The Party. Available at: Mr. Kathenes has also served as an expert witness and consultant in many appraisal-related court cases including: Richard Nixon versus the United States of America -- The Watergate Presidential Papers Trial. He is the past Chairman of the International Society of Appraisers Ethics Committee, and the UACC's First Director of Education and a Life member.

LES WOLFF SPORTS is a name that's been synonymous with autographs and sports memorabilia for more than three decades. More than a business, it's been a labor of love for us going back to the days when sports memorabilia was just a conversation piece. Now that the hobby as morphed into something much more, we are pleased to be a steady, reliable source for authentic autographs and quality items you'll be glad to add to your collection. Les Wolff is a trusted name in the hobby, having established relationships with many of greatest names in sports over the years like Mickey Mantle and Muhammad Ali. A hobby pioneer, Les was the first to conduct a sports auction via the phone and fax (before the internet became widely available). That was in the late 1980s and unlike many other dealers who've come and gone since, he's still around, providing exceptional service. Every autograph Les sells is guaranteed for life. In 2005, Les traveled the country as the lead appraiser and authenticator for ESPN/Cox Communications' "Memorabilia Road Tour", examining thousands of items brought to him. He's a regular on the circuit of major shows and is almost always set up at the National Sports Collectors Convention. His weekly ads in Sports Collectors Digest are full of more of the same items you'll see here and he's a customer service award winner. Whether you're looking to buy that special piece or have something to sell, we look forward to hearing from you. Sports memorabilia is our full-time job. And we love it as much now as we did way back when. Enjoy the site and please contact us if you have any questions. Member of ISA since 1992 .

Roger Epperson One of the world’s only autograph dealers that only deals in music autographs. Signed Sealed Delivered has been in business for over 20 years. The company started out as a mail order business by printing and mailing a quarterly catalog. It has now changed to a 24/7 online store.
Owner and authenticator for REAL Roger Epperson Authentication Limited This company started four years ago to help individuals and businesses that the autographs they own or are selling are in fact authentic. Once inspected, either a letter of authenticity or a letter of rejection is issued. I also have a “quick opinion” service in order to help those who are buying autographs from an on line auction to confirm quickly if the autograph is likely authentic or not.
REAL - Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd. 6025-B Edgemoor, Houston, TX 77081 Tel: 713-664-7498 or Fax: 713-664-7594

Garry King is UK based autograph dealer and has been studing autographs since 1964 and a UACC member for over 15 years and past chairman of AFTAL where he is a LIfe Member. Garry has written numerous articles on autographs and has been seen in UK TV as an authority on autographs. He has created and teaches a full day course on autographs aimed at dealers and collectors alike. His work in the autograph business in the UK resulted in being awarded Autograph Dealer of the Year in 2001 and has also won similar awards from AFTAL in 2011. Garry's work on exposing forgers in the autograph fiels in the UK is impressive. Contact him at .

Kevin Segall Proprietor of Collectors Shangri-La, is a UACC approved Authenticator and Appraiser fro 20th century autographs (non-sports), illustration art, and pop culture memorabilia. His appraisals are USPAP-compliant and ideal for estate planning, taxes, insurance, and other purposes. In addition, he provides the only known autograph authentication service with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. He is a UACC Registered Dealer RD310 and serves on the Board of Trustees for the Manuscript Society. He is also a member of the International Society of Appraisers, the National Cartoonists Society, and the Ephemera Society.

David Angello Roman is a UACC Approved Authenticator. He is alos head authenticator and President of CSA Comics LLC, the first and only known signature authentication company that specializes in comic book creator signatures...that includes comic book artists, writers, inkers, editors, celebrities, etc. Mr. Roman has an extinsive library of thousands of exemplars and has developed a technique that digitally marks/maps a signature called Charactoristic Signature Mapping (CSM). His published articles and comic-con panels on collecting autographed comic books, have greatly benefited the comic book community. Mr. Roman's training includes the UACC Autograph Authentication course, law enforcement handwriting analysis training and more. He is a member of the UACC, Manuscript Society and Ephemra Society of America. With over 23 years of experiance in this field CSA is the exclusive authenticator for CBCS Comics.To submit a comic autograph for authentication please go to

Steve Zarelli Space Authentication, LLC is a UACC Approved Authenticator. Steve Zarelli has been a member of the UACC for over 15 years and is a recognized authority in the field of astronaut autographs. His findings have been published in the definitive space collecting reference Relics of the Space Race, and he has contributed articles to the UACC’s Pen & Quill Magazine, Autograph Times Magazine, and the UACC signature study Neil Armstrong: The Quest for His Autograph. Steve is a participant in leading hobby forums and Autograph Magazine Live. Zarelli Space Authentication provides authentication consulting services to RR Auction, James Spence Authentication (JSA), Sportscard Guaranty Authentic (SGC), PSA/DNA Authentication, as well as numerous dealers and collectors worldwide. Steve Zarelli previously served as the UACC Ethics Chairman and currently sits on the UACC Board of Directors. For more information or to contact Steve, please visit (ACOA) is an authentication, grading, and appraisal service who specializes in modern celebrity, music, and political autographs. Leading Authenticator Justin Steffman brings his 20 years of autograph experience to head the ACOA expert team, who themselves have obtained over 250,000 autographs in person and have hundreds of years of combined experience in the fields of autographs, authentication, and appraisal.

ACOA's proprietary authentication and analysis tools allow for consultants to review submissions independently with source hidden and without bias, against the world's most accurate signature exemplar pool in existence.

Authenticators and consultants for ACOA include many of the industry's most respected members. Company CFO Michael Kasmar and VP Tyler Manninen act as Top Tier Analysts. 30 year veteran John Brennan, 30 year veteran Bjarne Soderholm, 30 year veteran Garry King, 20 year veteran Jeff Stenzel, 40 year veteran Star Wars expert Pete Chuka, 30 year veteran Anthony J. Risi, and other autograph all-stars act as consultants

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