UACC President Al Wittnebert's Message, March 2018

With the untimely passing of our President Michael Hecht it appears that I have now assumed the position of President of the UACC. This is not a position I sought or wanted but have accepted for the good of the membership and collectors everywhere. I am hopeful that in the coming years we can stabilize the UACC and bring our membership educational information to aid them in their autograph quests. I want to wish all of you well this new year

UACC President Michael Hecht's Message, April / May 2017


The UACC has opened a Go Fund Me page to help raise money for expenses for services we provide on a daily basis. We are a 501c3 federally approved non-profit organization so that donations made to us are tax deductible. You can pay us via PayPal at or our Go Fund Me page at We would appreciate any and all donations.

Signing Dreams RD242

We have received word from UACC Registered Dealer RD242 Signing Dreams, that someone is using his COA's and swapping the autograph for a fake and selling them on line. This is an old scam. Those of you who have purchased or want to purchase an item, please check with  Martin Rann the owner of Signing Dreams.


As most of you know we are again publishing the Pen & Quill in magazine form. Our hope is to publish it each season  Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Those of you who wish to receive our magazine will need to renew ASAP as the Spring issue is now being produced and will be sent to members in good standing. Any questions can contact


We get alot of email requesting either autograph appraisals or authentications. UACC policy is such that we will render the occasional opinion on the genuiness of an autograph based on signature patterns for MEMBERS ONLY. Others will be refered to experts we respect and recommend. This goes for appraisals as well. We are not a free service for non-members.


The UACC is always looking for volunteers to help with the work to keep autograph collectors informed as to what is going on. If you have the time and would like to help, please contact Al Wittnebert at


The Pen & Quill's are available on our cloud by for those of you that are members in good standing. For the most current and past issues you need to log on to our cloud using the access code we provide you upon your dues renewal ao new membership. All our issues will feature some useful information for collectors and dealers alike. If you are not yet registered to access our cloud and the Pen & Quills it contains, contact Al Wittnebert at New Pen & Quill available NOW on our cloud.


Over the years the UACC has been dragged in to controversial issues which I believe hurt the club and membership as a whole. Our new Board of Directors has taken the approach that we are an educational organization and our mission and our goal is to educate the autograph collector so they may make an educated purchase or acquisition. In truth we don't care who sold what to whom or who said what to whom. We are not a police force. Our realm is that of our membership to who we serve. We can not solve the world's problems or take sides in any petty disputes. We do require all members adhere to UACC Code of Ethics as well as our policies and By-Laws.