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4 times/year
Number of pages: 20/24
Subscriptions: 1,653 (as of 1/1/201 1)
Single Copy Distribution: 1,347
PDF Distribution: 500
Total Circulation: 3,000 + 500 email
Number of readers per copy: 4*
Total readers: 12,000 *

* Readers-per-copy; Magazine research first developed total audience estimates for major magazines more than 30 years ago.The ways in which the average copy of a magazine can acquire multiple readers is well understood since they are part of our everyday experience. A given copy can be read by more than one member of a household, and also indeed by visitors to the household. It may be passed on to other households. Most important, it may enter a public place of some kind, and be read by many people. Some magazines even estimate 10 readers per copy, however, we are more modest (as collectors are), and calculate about 4 readers per copy as an average.
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